Man is made up of two elements

Man is made up of two elements body and soul. If the body is compared to a house, the man who lives in that house is the soul. No matter how spacious, comfortable and luxurious the house is, what is the use of the house if the person living in the house is sick or healthy?!

Similarly if a person’s body is healthy or strong, if his soul is sick, and weak, his condition will be miserable.

There is no place for two opinions that the soul should be more important than the body.
The body needs posha. Similarly the soul needs posha.

When the body is sick, it needs treatment. The soul and the diseases are bearing. Those diseases also need treatment.

Ramadan is to cure the diseases that threaten the soul and provide the necessary clothes for them!

There are four ways to purify and enrich the soul.
They are the ones:
1. to be hungry
2. Wake up
3. being alone
4. Keeping Silence – Keeping Silence

Ramadan gives us the wonderful opportunity to follow these four methods simultaneously which help purify, enrich and enrich the soul.

Should be hungry and fasting.
Stay awake and engage in good night and other deeds and Ibadats.

Reduce the relationship with creatures and stay alone and talk to the Creator.

Avoid useless talks and keep silent and engage in God’s meditation-Dikril, Dilawatul Quran.

In Ramadan, we should follow these four methods that help to anchor, cultivate and maturate the soul.

This year Ramadan is a rare opportunity to find ourselves hungry, alone, awake, silent, especially than before.

Challenges become good opportunities; trials turn into grace. Let’s try to turn the challenges ahead into opportunities;
Let’s make our trials into achievements and make our journey strong!

May Allah Tawbeek and bless us to make this Ramadan a golden Ramadan in our lives, which has made great achievements in the trials!

– Ustadh Agar Mohamed

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